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Master your mind, body, and spirit with Matt Belair and world-renowned leaders today! This unique show features candid conversations with experts in personal development, spirituality, and human optimization. Each episode is another key to help you unlock your infinite potential and assist you on your path to self-mastery!

You will discover the best tips, tools, and technologies to master your mind; plus the science, principles, and practices to master your body. Finally, you will dive into the deepest depths of yourself, life, the universe and the pursuit of discovering who you really are, and consciously creating the life of your dreams!

Explore timeless spiritual lessons and ancient teachings. Let go of any limitations and discover all of the tools to dramatically improve your health, well-being, and mindset!

Jul 26, 2021

Exploring mindfulness and consciousness technologies with Charlie Hartwell and Maureen Pelton

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Show Notes:

Muse technology
Leading edging consciousness technologies
psychedelic therapies
Biofield science is the new
My Soul Vibe App
Insight timer app
10% Happier App
Happify App
Exploring Toxic Masculinity
How we can effectively manage our stress
The importance of community
Why intention is everything