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Jan 26, 2021

Dr. Pierre Thériault has a 36 year career in medical practice as a family physician. He has recently given up his license to practice medicine to blow the whistle on the medical tyranny in Canada and around the world!


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Show Notes:


Pierre Thériault did emergency work, hospitalization, and operation assistance. He was the chief medical officer in a community health care center in the early 90s to develop the plan to provide 1st line medical services including continuing care and follow up in a family practice setting, walk in clinics and home care.


He has a passion for the arts after being introduced to some of Quebec’s most esteemed artists and accepted into that circle for many years participating and following their work, he opened an art gallery in Quebec.


He has been active in promoting art and artists, learning and doing ceremony with the Mig’ Mah nation as well as with the Métis Nation.


Just recently, he resigned from the registry of the Quebec medical board and has given up his license to practice medicine so he could join his voice in the choir of those singing “Hallelujah” for this great awakening and not be censored!


Pierre’s family of artists

The Synergy of music, art and science

Art as a duty

How to navigate the world of art and science

Why anyone in a position of power is compromised

Why masks are useless

Why you’re attacked if you speak out

Using Hydroxychloroquine as successful

Ivermectin as a treatment

98% of deaths in Canada are in long term care

The government removing problems (people)

Bill Gates vaccine agenda

Why Native American extermination is not over

China is using genetic modification on their army



The Georgia Guidestone’s

Attacking overpopulation with vaccine research

The ability to mind control is phenomenal

What can our consciousness create in reality?

Why China invaded Tibet?

Why it’s China VS USA

Why we are being programmed to disconnect from our soul

We are in a battle for the soul of humanity

Dr. Raymond Moody

What is it that only you can do?

“My only weapon is the truth and I pray for my enemies.” Native American Saying

A great warrior has to overcome his fear of death

Satanic Magic

Protecting the Sacred

Sacred Duty

Human Trafficking and Sacrifice

Mandela Effect

The Great Reset

What a skeptic is?

How to end pedophilia

Informed consent

Doctors don’t have enough time to properly treat patients

“Why every person is medicine or poison”

Your job is doing the good you can do

The Nuremberg trials

The blame is on the public health officials and the world health organization