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Sep 28, 2021

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Today’s guest was a Senior Software Engineer at YouTube/Google for 8.5 years. He has been involved with the following software products: Google Earth YouTube for PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

While working at YouTube, he learned that Google was censoring "fake news". and investigated further into the company, only to find that not only had Google defined "fake news" to mean actual events that had happened, but also had created an artificial intelligence system to classify all available data to Google Search. T

he reason Google wanted to classify data was so that this could be used by their artificial intelligence system to re-erank the entire internet acording to Google's corporate cultural values.

In June 2019, he resigned from Google. He took with him 950+ pages of Google's internal documents and delivered them to the Department of Justice, and through Project Veritas, to inform the public and Google's extensive censorship system.

He is the author of Google Leaks a whistleblowers expose of big tech censorship

Welcome to the show Zach Vorhies

Working at Google
How google had an emergency meeting after Donald Trump won the election
Google CEO’s comment on the election and censoring “fake news”
The google censorship A.I is known as “Machine Learning fairness”
Your Google score
Why Google wouldn’t give Ted Cruz his page rank score
The “EAT” score
The solution to censorship
They who tell the stories run society
Japan is suspending moderna vaccines
The courts have been infiltrated
What the BAR is
The first amendment is first for a reason
Click farms
China censorship
Century of self
Media is bought and paid for
How powerful is this? Who decides the narrative?
Alternative search engines
The Disinformation Dozen
What is