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Jun 22, 2021

Today’s guests are members of the The California Assembly. It is one of the 50 states reconstructing the United States government based on the organic law at the creation of the united States of America in 1776 which we have vacated since the Civil War.

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California State Assembly Website:

All those resting their head on the land and soil of California are encouraged to correct their status from U.S. Citizen, a fictional corporate debtor, to state national lawful men and women.

Welcome to the show Matthew Dakin, Nancy Kramer, James On sonoma, Michelle Ford

The 12 Cannons “assumptions” of law
The UN document International Covenant 1966
Anna Von Wright
Health Freedom Movement
The book the Creature from Jekyll Island
Your unlawful conversion at birth
LAW = Land Air Water
Our rights are given by the creator
The Corpus Jurus
Emperor Justinian
The right to travel vs driving
Quiet Weapons from Silent Wars
Defacto vs DuJure Government
The population agenda
The Georgia Guidestones
The work of Alphonse Faggiolo
Why they want you to feel alone
Why ignorance creates fear
Fear is the #1 Control mechanism
ALL CAPS language is “sign language”
The importance of
Bouvier’s Land
Black law – Sea
King James Water Version
Geneva Bible Land bible