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Mar 14, 2022

Tamarack Song is the author of Life and Training of a Guardian Warrior. He apprenticed with Native Elders, lived with Wolves, and has fifteen years of primitive living. He has founded several schools including the Brother Wolf Foundation.


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Show Notes:


Tamarack Song is an independent scholar, he has completed graduate-level work in nature-based healing and trauma recovery. 


Drawing from that and his academic background, apprenticeships with Native Elders, living with Wolves, and fifteen years of primitive living, he founded the Brother Wolf Foundation, Teaching Drum Outdoor School, Snow Wolf Publishing, and the Healing Nature Center, where he teaches therapeutic Breathwork, shamanic trauma recovery, suicide and trauma prevention, Zen, guardian-warrior training, extreme survival skills, child-friendly parenting, storytelling, and creative writing. 


Tamarack’s meeting as a young boy with a Native American Elder

“Nature Speak”

Tamarack’s apprenticeship with 30+ Native American elders

Remembering his true self

“The guardian way”

Asking nature for answers

Observing vs Immersion

The 3 Archetypes – Nurturer, The Voices, The Guardians

Why the martial artist/warrior is not as necessary and honoured by our culture

The saying “Life is training and training is life”

Springing the pattern trap

Breaking the programs – story of sisters boss

Rather than ask a question, be as a question – to be curious

Why there is no “ultimate truth” it’s a constant inquiry

Existence vs Living

Two core emotions, fear and longing

Letting fear guide you

Redefining failure

Why giving is receiving

Guardian consciousness

Mission consciousness

“I am a servant of creation”

What can I give?

The role of money as energy

How to deal with conflict

The archetype of the “enemy”

Dealing with the times