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Aug 5, 2021

Robert Michael began his journey of purpose in 2009 after the housing market tanked taking his father’s business and his parent’s home with it. For the past 12 years, he has worked with hundreds of people across a wide variety of legal issues by exposing the root cause of all legal issues which begins at birth through the voluntary human economic slave system.

He directs his clients to be proactive and to secure their divine inheritance thereby legally foreclosing any would-be state and federal intruders from making a claim and applying their millions of statutes, codes, rules, regulations, mandates and so on.
He maintains we are all here for the evolution of our souls and this planet together…the evil and the righteous.

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Robert’s family losing their home in the housing crash
Bill Thorton and
The origins of Common Law
The role of the Vatican
Bringing your own Jury
Taking the power away from a Judge
What “court” means in Black’s Law Edition
Justinian the first
The root cause of this system and evil
Understanding Law
Coercive Slave
Birth vs Nativity
The significance of the birth registration and certificate
Why you don’t have a last name in Law
The Power of without prejudice and reserving your rights
Why all Law is legal theory
The difference between arguing and being outside their jurisdiction
The covid coverup for further enslavement
Why government has no money and the origins of banking
Uniform Commercial Code
Why they are trying to harvesting your soul
The Black Pope
The Vatican being a key and lock from an aerial
The Sistine chapel
The triple crown
Getting your Numident report
1611 King James Bible
The work of Rudolph Steiner
Why USA is trust and not as a corporation
Law of Equity
The Solution is to challenge just one person in authority at a time
The importance of public notice
No fear just trust
Ask for guidance