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Explore timeless spiritual lessons and ancient teachings. Let go of any limitations and discover all of the tools to dramatically improve your health, well-being, and mindset!

Sep 16, 2020

Elan Divon is a Harvard-trained author, speaker, and founder of Divon Academy: an organization that prepares students and professionals for success in an age of disruption by teaching skills essential for personal growth, career preparedness, peak performance, and wellbeing.

He has been lauded by influencers such as NBA board Chairman Larry Tanenbaum and Wellness Guru Deepak Chopra.

Over the years, he has worked with a variety of audiences from embattled Israeli and Palestinian teenagers, the homeless, CEO’s, business leaders, educators and students, bringing practical wisdom and science-based solutions to the educational and social challenges of our day.

Prior to launching Divon Academy, he co-founded The Einstein Legacy Project to inspire the next generation of creative minds on the planet

During this time, he co-created Genius 100 Visions: the world’s first 3D printed book featuring essays from 100 leading minds including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Sir Ken Robinson, and Nobel Prize laureates.


Why coming to grips with your mortality is the start of the spiritual journey

Studying ancient civilizations and religions

Wisdom and Science

Observation over long periods

The challenge humanity faces

Why we are drowning in information and starving for wisdom

Why attention is paramount

Finding a vocation

The culture of comparison

“The mind gap”

Understanding and accepting important natural processes

Our changing education system

The skills gap

75% of success is predicated on mindset, emotional intelligence and ability to handle adversity

Why success is necessary and important

Can you talk about adversity?

Advice for homeschools?

“I never fail. I win or learn.” Nelson Mandela

Proactive vs Reactive mindset

“If/then” victim mentality

Training our mind to deal with pain, failure, and adversity

3 Zones in life comfort zone, stress zone, panic zone

Why growth and comfort cannot exist

Why you don’t see the world is it is but as you are

The biggest myth we’ve been sold is knowledge is power

Peak performance habit

Success GPS – Habit Challenge

Morning and Rituals *

The most important relationship in life

Everything we do is an expression as who we are

Our habits effect all of us

Morning routine – hydrate, get your heart rate up for 10 minutes per day.

Why we must get our heart rate up

Set 3 goals for the day to win the day

Something that primes you physically, mentally, emotionally

Night Routine: Life vision statement read it out loud at night and say it loud, meditate, find 3 new things you’re grateful for

The importance of microbreaks

Understanding that motivates goes up and down

Create an accountability/motivation system – must have a tribe to help keep them accountability

We have a menu of habits – they customize the plan

Developing self-confidence – everytime you follow through on a habit you build self-confidence. You erode self-confidence when you break agreements with yourself

#1 predictor of success is emotional intelligence

Invest in soft skills

Why parents need to be careful of imposing our dreams on kids

What kids need is autonomy and belonging

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