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Nov 7, 2019

T.M Hoy survived 16 Years in a Thailand Prison and is the author of Lasting Happiness and Rotting in the Bangkok Hilton.

He became a gemologist after college, working in the jewelry industry for years. He traveled widely in Europe and Asia (where he lived for a decade).
While living in Northern Thailand, a friend murdered a woman in his house. Fearful of the Thai police, he helped cover it up. When caught, he could not pay the bribe the judge and police demanded, and spent the next 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Lasting Happiness is the product of that experience, a realization of how little we really need to be happy.

Facing death on a daily basis
Why happiness emerges from the relationship with yourself
How he survived the Thai prison
Why the food wasn’t edible
Needing to bribe for food and water
Being surrounded by death
Suggestion to go to a place where people are dying
How he almost died several times
Almost starving to death
The Mind-blowing story of The Hilltribe people of Northern Thailand
The book “Urban Shaman”
The book of Carlos Castaneda
Where happiness does not come from
Why what’s most important to you often receives the least attention
Giving 100% to safety during the week example . . giving none to passion
How do we be happy as you are – without changing external . . .
Pausing and learning to go within
The largest part of our brain that controls thing is emotional
The three main things that govern our daily life
A strategy to break fear from a reality you do not want
Conversation with self, increasing dialogue between the two, running emotions
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